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Crossing the Border

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In a cross-cultural setting, we have had missteps and misunderstands simply because of the difference of language or culture. But the Uganda 2018 team found some wonderful commonalities even though they were dealing with cultural differences in worship (Anglican versus American Evangelical), teaching style (lecture to seated students versus hands-on discovery by active students) and even worship music styles. Here are some wonderful “crossings of the border,” so to speak, that came through impromptu and unexpected moments!

When in Doubt, Punt!

By |2018-08-14T16:24:23-04:00August 14, 2018|Shannon Nyange: Blog Posts, Staff Blogs|

It was said many years ago: “When in doubt... punt!” Had our 2018 KidZ at Heart Uganda Team been playing football, there would have been some punting going on! But football was not the game plan—instead, the plan was building a school and presenting the KidZ Ministry Teacher Certificate courses to the local teachers. Our team had to be curious, observant, and flexible—and discovered that the unexpected parts were some of the most fun!

The team “captain” was a young man named Jackson. Two years ago, [...]

Seeds Sown in Uganda

By |2018-07-19T17:10:42-04:00July 19, 2018|Shannon Nyange: Blog Posts, Staff Blogs|

When Jackson was an exchange student at the Coast Guard Academy, Andy and Patty Metroka never imagined how the seeds that were sown then would bring them to Uganda to help build a school and teach the KidZ at Heart curriculum! During his time in the US, Jackson became good friends with the Metroka’s son, Caleb and visited the Metrokas on several occasions. Seeds sown.

Then, over the past two years, Jackson introduced the Metrokas to another young man, [...]