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Join us in prayer

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Pray for wisdom and discernment as we evaluate our international travel and training commitments amid the global coronavirus outbreak.

Southwest Ukraine Team — left March 6 and are currently training, so pray for God's work and provision within the hearts of the people and the team. 

Transforming KidZ Ministry — training in Kentucky on March 14.

The Impact of an Individual

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Is God moving your heart toward KidZ at Heart in some way?

Perhaps he is prompting you to experience an incredible short-term missions trip or to pray for the safety of our teams. Or might he be inviting you to support our work financially? 

Over half of our financial support in 2019 came from individual donors — 814 of them. And many of those donors gave through a monthly commitment

Trainings are expanding in Latin America

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In El Salvador, our Local Training Network has four sites where they are training once a month. Their local team, led by Carolina and Ileana, are a close team of believers who love the Lord and work hard to continue this training every month while having a lot of fun being with each other and building relationships in the San Salvador area. They have been approached about a fifth location and are in prayer for [...]

KidZ at Heart’s Trainings Launching in Canada

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Members of 11 churches from various denominations gathered in Barrhead, Canada, on Feb. 29 for one common purpose: the spiritual formation of children. Krista Fountain, children’s pastor at Barrhead Alliance Church, has a vision for connecting children’s ministry leaders and volunteers in her area through their common bond of helping kids love Jesus deeply. Forty-one participants came to KidZ at Heart’s Transforming KidZ Ministry training and left with an enthusiasm to change their model of [...]

Life-Changing Opportunities for you in Europe

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The KidZ at Heart Ukraine team is currently in the Odessa region of southwest Ukraine. This team is training in three churches and is excited to be back with the wonderful people of Ukraine. On Saturday, March 14, several of these will finish all eight of our training modules!

Please pray with us as God leads us into the next phase of training. There will be discussions about building a Local Training Network in this [...]

Are you being called to join an Asia team?

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Our trips to Asia will be taking place in the fall this year:

  • Our Myanmar team, led by KidZ at Heart board member Craig Omoto, is finalizing dates in September for the third KidZ at Heart trip.
  • Our Thailand team, led by Julie Chee, is finalizing dates in November for the third KidZ at Heart trip to that part of the world. 
  • We also [...]

Trainings continue in Tanzania

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We are very excited that a KidZ at Heart short-term missions team will return to Karatu, Tanzania, this June. Tentative trip dates are June 4-15. This will be the third year a KidZ at Heart team has brought the training to the local teachers and pastors in Karatu.

Last year, there were over 100 participants, and new attendees were introduced to Modules 1 and 2 of our Transforming KidZ Ministry program. This year, the team [...]

Listening When Jesus Whispers

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Since our theme for 2020 at KidZ at Heart is, “Keeping our eyes on Jesus,” I wonder if a good motto for 2020 might be, “I want a year that whispers JESUS.” What would this mean?

For a child, whispering can be a useful way to share a secret. For the teacher, it can be a technique to get students’ attention when yelling doesn’t succeed. A whisper might carry a vicious, verbal [...]

Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus

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This year is already shaping up to be one of the most productive and exciting years of ministry for KidZ at Heart. We invite the whole KidZ at Heart global Christian community — board members and staff members, trainers and volunteers, teachers, donors, and prayer warriors — to continue pursuing success as God defines it: by “Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus.”

In the demands of parenting, grandparenting, or teaching children within a church discipleship program, there’s only one way to keep our [...]

The Heart of KidZ at Heart

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If you’ve ever created something new, you may have discovered that, over time, it became something you no longer recognized. As KidZ at Heart continues to rapidly expand globally and nationally, it is my heart’s desire that this ministry never stray from our mission: helping kids fall deeply in love with Jesus, nor from our method of ministry, doing our very best to look to God for his direction as we live life with [...]