Victoria Rigby

The Heart of KidZ at Heart

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If you’ve ever created something new, you may have discovered that, over time, it became something you no longer recognized. As KidZ at Heart continues to rapidly expand globally and nationally, it is my heart’s desire that this ministry never stray from our mission: helping kids fall deeply in love with Jesus, nor from our method of ministry, doing our very best to look to God for his direction as we live life with [...]

Is God Calling You to Latin America?

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Just a few weeks ago our training team returned to Costa Rica to present Modules 3 and 4 of our Transforming KidZ Ministry training. Thirty-four people attended the training in two different locations in Heredia. Of those thirty-four people who were representing nine different churches, fifteen were new to KidZ at Heart’s training.

One young teacher who traveled three hours to attend the training testified to being fearful when she was asked to lead the [...]

Is God Calling You to Asia?

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This past month has been focused on wrapping up the planning for our trainers in Nepal as they start a new round of the Transforming KidZ Ministry modules in Kathmandu later this spring. 

After an exploratory trip to Indonesia went very well last October, we are now planning the first training trip to Indonesia later in October 2020. We are continuing to work opportunities with the School of Promise in Thailand as well [...]

Is God Calling You To Tanzania in 2020?

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2019 was a great year for KidZ at Heart training in Africa! Our National Training Networks in South Africa and Uganda facilitated the vast majority of training as two-hundred and fifty teachers attended twelve different training locations in five different countries – Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, and South Africa. Over one-hundred people earned their certificates of completion as their training locations completed all 8 modules.

Also, in November of 2019, we officially welcomed Derrick and [...]


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One way to connect children with God is through “listening prayer.” 

Let me explain what it means to hear God’s voice through prayer. Jesus said in John 10:4, “the sheep will follow the shepherd because they know his voice.” If you want to help children discover how to engage in listening prayer, be ready. It takes practice, modeling, and a little explanation! 

Invite the children to think [...]