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Returning to Ukraine!

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April, 2017 was the beginning of our relationship with the people in SW Ukraine!  Three years spent getting to know some wonderful people, learning the culture of this region, and encouraging each other as we all learn to help children fall deeply in love with Jesus, has been a tremendous blessing.

In March of 2020, our KidZ at Heart team will return again and we [...]

Are We “Too Familiar”

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As we jump into the holidays, many of us will experience traditions that our families have had for generations. Traditions are what make our family time together special as we can remember many holidays doing the same things together. It helps us know what to expect and tends to cement these times into our memories. Sometimes we do not even know why we have [...]

Deepening Connections in Moldova

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KidZ at Heart Team Leader, Debbie Rowley, noticed a variety of ages that attended the training at the three locations in Moldova. Teens and young adults were serious about their ministries and appreciated the training. One woman in Cahul told mentioned that as a school teacher, she attends many trainings, but this was the best. Many traveled by public transportation for several hours to attend the training. And the team was thrilled that Transnistrians attended for the [...]

A Cross-Cultural Mentor

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Jackson lost his father during the Rwandan genocide. As an exchange student from Rwanda, Jackson then went on to the Coast Guard Academy. One of his classmates invited Jackson to his home for several holidays where Jackson was considered part of the family. He has since returned to serve in the Rwandan Air Force. Over a Christmas holiday, Jackson asked his classmate’s father, Andy Metroka, to mentor him.

Jackson’s uncle, Nathan Mashaija, started the Rushenyi Junior Academy in [...]

Traveling through Ukraine

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In Bolgrad I was reunited with Maya, Natalie, Pastor Pantelei, Pastor Nicolai, and a few others.  It is wonderful to return to a location and see people you already know and can even talk to even though there is a language barrier.  We spent 2 days in this location as they progressed through Modules 3 and 4.  And at the same time they loved on us, fed us, told us all about the history of their home and worshiped with us.  There are several in [...]

New Teamwork in Nicaragua

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In November 2017, KidZ at Heart leaders from the US and El Salvador joined to form Team Nicaragua. KidZ at Heart staff members Way & Gean Stevens (team leaders) and Carol Kendrick from the US joined Carolina de Portillo from El Salvador. The team traveled together to Nicaragua and served over 100 participants!

The first training was at the “Jovenaes IPJ Esposa del Cordero” (Bride of the Lamb) Church in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua. The team was [...]

Surprises in Romania

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When Nusa (who lives in Bacau, Romania) heard about the coming KidZ at Heart training, she doubted that she would get anything out of it. After all, she had already raised three of her five children to adulthood. She felt that working in children's ministry was not her passion, because she has a heart to help women who are transitioning from jail to society again.

Once she attended the KidZ at Heart training, she was excited to realize that what she learned during her training works [...]

Reaching Kids, Like Luis, in El Salvador

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Carolina knew something was wrong. In El Salvador, more than half the young people in jail self-identify as coming from a Christian family – a disturbing pattern which told of Christian parents and teachers not doing their job well. Carolina says, “The KidZ at Heart training is exactly what we need in El Salvador to fight spiritual decay.”

After first attending KidZ at Heart training in El Salvador in 2008, Carolina immediately saw the value of what she [...]

God’s Work in Moldova

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This summer, Debbie Rowley led a team of KidZ at Heart trainers to Moldova. It was KidZ at Heart’s second trip to this former Communist bloc country. What a joy that KidZ could train teachers in this place where God’s name was “stomped out” for 70 years! That is truly a miracle. Read on—here are great stories that came out of their time with the eager learners who attended the KidZ training, as told by Debbie.

Brother Oleg [...]

Ukraine: Natalia’s Story

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Do you know where the country of Ukraine is? Good for you! It wasn’t that long ago that KidZ at Heart really didn’t know, by actual experience, where Ukraine is—or how powerfully the KidZ training program would impact hearts there!

KidZ returned to Ukraine in 2017. And to give you a taste of the wonderful impact that has already come of KidZ at Heart training, let us tell you about Natalia.

Natalia was already an inspired and hardworking teacher [...]