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Ukraine: Natalia’s Story

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Do you know where the country of Ukraine is? Good for you! It wasn’t that long ago that KidZ at Heart really didn’t know, by actual experience, where Ukraine is—or how powerfully the KidZ training program would impact hearts there!

KidZ returned to Ukraine in 2017. And to give you a taste of the wonderful impact that has already come of KidZ at Heart training, let us tell you about Natalia.

Natalia was already an inspired and hardworking teacher [...]

Zambia & South Africa 2017

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KidZ at Heart completed training events in both Zambia and South Africa in July 2017. The team traveled to a new location in Zambia and trained 55 teachers in Chipata, Zambia with Modules 1, 2 and 3 of the Teacher Certificate as part of the KidZ Ministry Certification Program. Here are some of the quotes from participants in the training in Zambia:

“This training is one of the best, best of the best” – Chitamiso Zulu

“It has been [...]

Updates from Nepal

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In January 2016, a team from KidZ at Heart went to Nepal for the first time. They got to know their host, Sher Lama, his wife, Kalpana, and their three sons. The Lama family operates a Children’s Home in Pokhara. This Home is used for mission purposes as missionaries come to stay. It provides a place for others to come and fellowship and pray together. During their time in Nepal, the team not only gave the three-day conference, but also served in the community as [...]

Nurturing Faith in Children in El Salvador

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Last week, 22 participants experienced effective training on nurturing faith in kids and themselves with KidZ at Heart and Evangelical University in El Salvador. KidZ Regional Coordinators Way and Gean visited from the United States to help lead the training and encourage in-country staff to continue training throughout the year.

Kids Camps in Eastern Europe

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KidZ at Heart sends teams to the Eastern European region of the world to equip the people in that region with many tools to teach the children around them about Jesus. Many different villages and towns in Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania have participated in this training.

We are blessed to partner with New Hope Eurasia, founded by Oleg and Marina Reutki. They are a wonderful couple whose passion is to reach those who have been forgotten in their world.

In April, I took a team to Ukraine, [...]

My Journey to Ukraine

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By Krista, a team member from KidZ at Heart's first trip to Ukraine.

As I scrolled through Facebook late last year, I noticed that my friend Becky was going on another trip with KidZ at Heart and was seeking teammates. This sparked my interest for several reasons:

  1. I had already been living vicariously through Becky! We’d helped to financially support her ministry since she had started with KidZ at Heart. We believe in her. We trust that [...]

A Fresh Vision. A New Level. Meet Rustam from Moldova

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Some days, even the happiest ministry leaders are discouraged. We can think there’s nothing new coming. Sometimes we feel as if we’re orphaned. We can lose vision as “details” close in on us!

But sometimes, amazing progress begins when people are given a fresh vision and tools with which to work. Rustam’s church in Moldova is just such a church. The church had been called “orphaned” by some and abandoned by the denomination that helped to start it. [...]

Answered Prayers in Tanzania

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A Team Member from the Tanzania Team shared these reflections on her trip in early July:

“Before my trip to Tanzania, I had asked my prayer partners to pray that the pastors would develop enthusiasm and passion for children’s ministry. God answered that prayer mightily through the Karatu District Pastor, Pastor Slaa! Pastor Slaa was present at many of the workshops, even though he was recovering from malaria. He asked every pastor in the district to attend the Pastor’s Workshop, and they did! He opened the [...]

August 2016 Newsletter

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Summer is almost over. School is beginning again for many children around the world.  KidZ at Heart sent 6 teams to 8 different countries this summer to equip around 375 people, who are ready to teach kids about Jesus.  In my August Newsletter, read a few testimonies as to why some of these people attended a training (many losing a day of pay), and an example of what these people actually learned!