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KidZ Doesn’t Put on VBS Programs in Other Countries

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One of our favorite events of the year is Vacation Bible School. Churches across the United States attract crowds of children to their VBS programs each summer.

So why is it that KidZ at Heart does not put on Vacation Bible Schools around the world?

When we began dreaming about an international ministry to reach children for Jesus, one of our earliest contacts was the pastor of Riga Matthew Church, Pēteris Sproģis, in the capital city of Latvia. The ministry of Matthew Church was well-known across [...]

KidZ at Heart Lives Out 2 Timothy 2:2

By |2017-05-02T15:10:28-05:00May 2, 2017|Gordon D. West: Blog Posts, KidZ Stories, Staff Blogs|

In the past, we’ve shared how KidZ at Heart avoids creating dependency by not taking lots of stuff overseas, how we encourage local ownership of the ministry by not “putting on” VBS programs for them, and how we raise up local leaders by training them instead of undermining them by working directly with children. But it’s not enough to simply avoid unintended consequences. We also purposefully share training programs that can be replicated across cities, regions, and denominations.


KidZ Doesn’t Undermine Local Leaders

By |2017-05-02T15:12:25-05:00May 2, 2017|Gordon D. West: Blog Posts, KidZ Stories, Staff Blogs|

The week after a visit from a short-term missions team from North America, a young African boy blurted out to his Sunday school teacher, “Why can’t you be funny like the Americans?”

This is the alarming story that we have heard from missionaries and church leaders in more than one country. It is this sort of unintended consequence that we have sought to avoid, and why KidZ at Heart’s short-term teams do not work directly with children in other cultures. [...]

The Buddy System

By |2020-02-24T20:52:00-05:00February 24, 2020|Allison Gibson: Blog Posts|

It seems like God probably knew what He was doing when He created humans.  He created us in His image, which means that, at our core, we are relational beings, and that interacting with other people is vital to our very survival.  The further I go on this missions and support raising journey, the more evident this idea becomes.

I cannot possibly hope to accomplish anything in this ministry without a community of faithful supporters.  As I've gone through this process, I've come to enjoy the [...]

Voices of Haiti; Life from their perspective – Feb 2020

By |2020-02-21T15:21:19-05:00February 21, 2020|Staff Blogs, Tanya Sloan: Blog Posts|

When I started going to Haiti back in 2016 one of the first families I met were the Jeanfrancois. This family has grown dear to me over the years, becoming an extension of my own family. In getting to know them it is extraordinarily clear how much the Lord is at their very core. The Jeanfrancois family humbly gives their lives to God and are a vital part of the community and church. The entire family has been blessed by God with musical talent. I [...]

Are We Finished?!

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Some people may be wondering what happens when a location finishes the 8 Modules of our Transforming KidZ Ministry Training…well I’d love to tell you!
These Modules are only the first phase of what KidZ at Heart does in each location we visit. It is part of our Launch Phase. We can spend 3-7 years finishing the 8 Modules depending on how often our team can return to each location and how much we can prepare the participants for the next phase.

Tanzania June 2020 Trip

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In Karatu we will be teaching Modules 3 and 4 to new participants and Modules 7 and 8 for those completing their Basic Teacher Certification with KidZ at Heart. The teachers and pastors are always so encouraged by these trainings that equip them to lead children to Christ and fall more deeply in love with Him. We are in need of 1-2 more people to join this trip ASAP. If you are interested or know of anyone interested please do get in touch via

It [...]

The Joy of a Child

By |2020-02-18T17:05:06-05:00February 17, 2020|Staff Blogs, Tanya Sloan: Blog Posts|

The Lord has placed me in the lives of children throughout my life, even when I believed I was meant for other things.  From being one of 5 sisters, having 2 sons, a niece, 2 nephews, running a daycare for 10 years, volunteering in the youth program at church, mentoring homeless teens, loving on children in Haiti, and getting to be a part of the work God is doing through KidZ at Heart International, God has known his plans for me. My heart grows with [...]


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You have heard – God cares more about our being than our doing – that is why we are human beings and not human doings! But my guess is that you probably struggle as much as I often do with the practical living out of this. In the past weeks I have been encouraged to do so, largely out of necessity because I can’t run and do anything yet in this role. It is not always easy, yet it is so good to be still [...]

The Heart of KidZ at Heart

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If you’ve ever created something new, you may have discovered that, over time, it became something you no longer recognized. As KidZ at Heart continues to rapidly expand globally and nationally, it is my heart’s desire that this ministry never stray from our mission: helping kids fall deeply in love with Jesus, nor from our method of ministry, doing our very best to look to God for his direction as we live life with [...]

Is God Calling You to Latin America?

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Just a few weeks ago our training team returned to Costa Rica to present Modules 3 and 4 of our Transforming KidZ Ministry training. Thirty-four people attended the training in two different locations in Heredia. Of those thirty-four people who were representing nine different churches, fifteen were new to KidZ at Heart’s training.

One young teacher who traveled three hours to attend the training testified to being fearful when she was asked to lead the [...]