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News & Views: Asia (June 2020)

By |2020-06-03T18:17:00-04:00June 2, 2020|Staff Blogs|

What will you do after COVID-19?

We are excited about resuming our training in Nepal, although it will look different than the way we expected and planned.

Sher Lama, our National Training Network Coordinator in Nepal, has been working tirelessly translating the Module 3, 4 and 8 notebooks used by Nepali presenters. We had proposed our second KidZ Great Trainers Summit training for our participants in Pokhara, Nepal, in fall 2020, but we may need to postpone if the stay-at-home orders aren’t lifted [...]

News & Views: KidZ at Home (June 2020)

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Underestimating can cause us to miss really wonderful parts of life.

We have more strawberries than the dish will hold. We have more people than the number of chairs we set up. We have more flowers than the vase is made for. 

Because we underestimated, we had to make more space to enjoy the abundance.

Adults often underestimate the spiritual capacity of children. Kids frequently have more potential than we estimate. The promises and invitations in Scripture are given to [...]

News & Views, Africa (June 2020)

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To Be Continued …

Lynnette Stander, our Regional Director for South Africa, shares some wonderful pictures of training at the beginning of 2020. Due to the lockdown, Lynnette and her team have not been able to continue in-person training since March. After a great start to the year, it has been hard to put the training on hold.

“We started the year with training in five venues, with the two extremes 1,000 miles apart,” Lynnette said. “Three of these locations are first-time training. [...]

News & Views, giving (June 2020)

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A Bold Step

For the past many weeks, 59 million American children have been out of school and out of church. At KidZ at Heart, we heard God asking us to address the needs of these families as they have sought to “make the best” of this global pandemic. 

Our team responded to that call almost overnight and created our newest initiative: KidZ at Home: Nurturing Children to Love God with All Their Heart, a resource designed to equip church leaders to [...]

News & Views, prayer (June 2020)

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• Gordon and Becki West, our greatly loved founders of KidZ at Heart, along with their daughters Ashley (and Zechariah) and Emily (and Mike), worked together to build the vision God gave to them for this ministry. One year ago June 2, Becki went home to the Lord, so this time is difficult as Gordon, his adult children, extended family, and the KidZ at Heart family lovingly remember her. Please pray for them.

• Teams and training participants are eager to continue [...]

From the Heart of KidZ at Heart (June 2020)

By |2020-06-02T18:15:53-04:00June 2, 2020|Gordon D. West: KidZ Newsletters, Staff Blogs|

Recently, I heard the definition of “legacy” as giving to others what God has entrusted us to share … and to do so with his authority. I love that concept! And this month, between our American holidays to honor mothers and fathers, I want to speak to you about helping leaders at church and at home advance their legacies to the next generation.

KidZ at Home is our newest initiative at KidZ at Heart. Currently, we are publishing a 30-minute video [...]

Creole Lessons – How am I doing?

By |2020-05-28T18:15:12-04:00May 28, 2020|Tanya Sloan: Blog Posts|

I remember back in 7th grade attempting to learn French. It is the only class I failed in all my school years.... If I recall the teacher took pity on me and gave me a "barely' passing grade. A couple years later I attempted Spanish, where I did only slightly better. My school requirements were filled and I had no intention of putting myself through the torture any longer, learning another language was clearly not my gift. But then just a few short years later [...]