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Connecting Children with God

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What is spiritual formation? How does it relate to children? How is God preparing the way for deepening the spiritual work in ministry with children? It’s time children’s ministry leaders get together into an online community through an exciting network, Connecting Children with God.

Co-Learning in Community
Whether you've been incorporating spiritual formation practices into your own life and classroom or you're brand new to the topic, Connecting Children with God is the place for you. The community meets monthly via video conference to explore spiritual formation of children…what it means and how we can implement practices that help children deeply love God. Experienced speakers share new insights on topics related to spiritual formation for children, and participants have time to share questions and ideas they have used. Once registered, you'll receive an email reminding you of the date, time, and providing a link to the video conference. Bring your coffee (or favorite beverage) and get ready to log in!

Integrating Spiritual Formation
into Your Kidmin Curriculum
Led by Gordon and Becki West

Thursday, June 13, 2019
10:00 a.m. MDT

Conversation Speakers

Gordon West KidZ at Heart President and Founder

Gordon D. West

Becki West KidZ at Heart Executive Director and Founder

Becki West
Senior Vice President

Debby DeBernardi KidZ at Heart Board of Directors

Debby Debernardi
Board Member
Spiritual Director

Scottie May
Board Member
Retired Associate Professor

Adam Ormord
Dir. of Regional Ministries
Spiritual Director

Barbie Murphy
North American Training Event Coordinator

Janet Anthony KidZ at Heart NextGen

Janet Anthony
VP of North American Ministries

For More Information

Contact Vice President of North American Ministries Janet Anthony at (877) 778-KidZ (5439), ext. 501.

A leadership community on the spiritual formation of children

Request to join Connecting Children with God on Facebook. This private group is specifically designed with you in mind. Ask questions. Share ideas. Receive encouragement.