2017 Fall Campaign

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In a world of 2.3 billion children, where the vast majority of them are not within the reach of an effective and age-appropriate children’s ministry, these words of Jesus have never been more clear and pressing:

“The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” (Matthew 9:37-38)

KidZ at Heart is excited to announce that friends of KidZ have come together to match the first $25,000 towards this fall campaign. Gifts are already coming in, have already been matched, and we’d like your gift to be matched as well.

On average, just $40 a month provides the training and support needed for a willing, local person to step up and reach kids for Christ on an ongoing basis. In our world, that’s the cost of a couple inexpensive meals or just one latte per week.

You know, $40 a month changes everything.

Give Your Best Gift

Your best gift on an ongoing basis puts more KidZ teachers into the harvest fields on an ongoing basis. Remember, your gift will go twice as far.


Through short-term mission trips, our materials are now used in more than 40 countries, including the United States. Since 2003, KidZ at Heart is meeting the needs around the world by equipping leaders in children’s ministry, using readily available local materials, and empowering children’s ministry leaders to teach and train others.

For More Information

Contact Director of Development & Communications Janna Firestone at (877) 778-KidZ (5439), ext. 502.

Stories of Impact


Before Natalia attended the KidZ at Heart training, she was doing the best she knew how. But often, she felt that she was not effectively connecting the children to the teaching of the Bible; it was simply “the book” from which they learned English. Of course, we know that God’s Word has transforming power in itself. But she felt she didn’t have the right tools and longed to really help them understand how knowing God’s Word could change their hearts. Read the story.


Oudom recognized God’s hand on his life from an early age while growing up in an orphanage in Cambodia. Thankfully, his orphanage, his home, was led by the South East Asia Prayer Center (SEAPC). Oudom and his “brothers and sisters” became a close-knit group felt led to improve the education of Cambodian children. He searched for effective ways to interest children in learning, so they will engage in and enjoy the learning. Oudom found KidZ at Heart. While the government has asked SEAPC to train public school teachers, KidZ at Heart has an open door and opportunity to come alongside SEAPC to help. Now is the time to step into the public schools with the message of Christ while the government is still open. Read the story.

El Salvador

While visiting a church in El Salvador, Way and Gean Stevens noticed on the wall a monthly schedule of lessons in a format that matched what is taught at KidZ at Heart trainings. They asked the pastor about it and learned that a 10-year-old boy had made it. They were able to meet the boy and in talking with him, found out that his teacher, Alvaro, had taught him. Alvaro attended his first KidZ at Heart training when he was 17-years-old, while a child himself. He was so excited about reaching children for Christ within El Salvador, Alvaro not only embraced the teachings but excitedly trained others (even children!) to share the good news of Jesus! Read the story.