Serving Together

For a child, discipleship and spiritual growth begin with the family. Serving together allows the family to put hands and feet to the truths they are learning.

Families on Mission: Together with KidZ at Heart, families can experience cross-cultural mission and serving together while being a part of reaching the world's 2.3 billion kids for Jesus. And, KidZ at Heart leaders do everything possible to ensure your family's safety and success!

Youth on Mission: While safety, age, and giftings are keys to consider, teenagers can be included on any current KidZ trip with a "sponsor" who will go with them.

Get started and serve together.

Children who Serve Become Adults who Serve

  • Adults who volunteered while youths give more money and volunteer more time than adults who began their
    giving later in life.
  • Two-thirds of the adults who volunteer began when they were young.
  • Adults who began volunteering as youth are twice as likely to volunteer as those who did not.
  • In every income and age group, those who volunteered as youth give and volunteer more than those who did not.
  • Those who volunteered as youth and whose parents volunteered became the most generous adults in giving time.

(From Engaging Youth in Lifelong Service, Independent Sector’s analysis of their national survey of more than 4,000 adults.)

While each child has a unique set of interests and gifts, no child is too young to serve! There are many ways children can engage on a Family Mission Trip:

  • Connect with local children and teenagers
  • Lead worship by singing and playing an instrument
  • Participate in all devotional and debrief meetings
  • Raise support including stuffing letters and meeting with potential donors
  • Shepherd younger children and help pass out handouts
  • Speak to family and friends about the trip upon return
  • Take pictures and journal
  • Engage in other ways specific to their interests, abilities, and gifts

The West Family, Latvia


“Even when our girls were quite young, it was important that they see what we do in training people how to minister to children. We also wanted them to see the world through God’s eyes and experience other cultures of people for whom God has a heart and a plan.

“Early in our ministry we included them on one of our KidZ at Heart training trips to Latvia. They had helped at church before, and we knew that this experience would be one more opportunity to help confirm the gifts and abilities that God had given them to reach out to others. We never wanted the girls to think they weren’t old enough to serve others. So we gave them responsibilities that we knew they would be successful in, but would also stretch them and cause them to rely on God for their strength.

“Ashley and Emily have continued to serve God using the gifts that He has given them. Emily is continuing to nurture and shepherd those younger than her via an international campus ministry. She is passionate about encouraging others to serve God. Ashley is still teaching others about how to teach students and reaching out to her peers to help them improve their teaching skills as an assistant principal in an impoverished urban school.”

Becki West, KidZ at Heart Senior Vice President and Co-Founder

The Clark Family, Guatemala


“We took our family on a short-term Family Missions Trip with KidZ at Heart to Guatemala. This was a great introduction to missions for all of us. Our kids were 10, 12, and 14 at that time. They were involved every step of the way from raising support, participating on the trip, and speaking to our church family upon our return.  Our family spent time together to prepare team devotions prior to the trip, then each member of our family led one day’s devotions for the entire team of adults and kids!

“This was a powerful way to see God in action, and to serve as a family. Since then, each of our kids have has been on several more mission trips.

“We made some great memories, too. One of our favorite memories is roasting marshmallows over a river of hot lava from an active volcano. That is a family story that brings us all together every time we think of it. And thinking about our Family Mission Trip reminds all of us about how big our God is and how small the world is.”

Paul and Carrie Clark, California

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Contact Chief Program Officer Adam Ormord at (877) 778-KidZ (5439), ext. 622.

FamMin and Missions are possible through KidZ at Heart family mission trips

"This experience helped confirm the gifts and abilities that God had given our children to reach out to others.”

Becki West
KidZ at Heart Senior Vice President & Co-Founder