The body of Christ is growing rapidly in El Salvador with families flocking to the truth of God and the certainty of his word. Thousands of volunteers joyfully serving in children’s ministries are hungry for training to help them provide an even greater impact on these young lives for Christ.

KidZ at Heart is seeing children fall deeply in love with Jesus in more than 40 countries, nowhere more than in El Salvador. Join the work God began to transform leaders, teachers, and children in El Salvador from the inside out!

“Leaders of children's ministries have a responsibility for children to not just know about God, but really KNOW God.
KidZ at Heart El Salvador has begun to turn this around!”

Carolina de Portillo, KidZ at Heart Regional Director (Latin America)

It takes $391
to train a teacher.

Train a Teacher
Like Eddie

At age 10, Eddie attended his first KidZ at Heart training. Honestly, the presenters were concerned that he might be a distraction for the other attendees but soon learned Eddie serves as a Sunday school teacher to a group of three-year-olds at the tabernacle in Chalatenango, two hours away from his home in San Salvador. As the training concluded, he was ready to try the activities and tips with his class the following Sunday. Not only has Eddie fallen deeply in love with Jesus, he is excited to help other children do the same.

It takes $1,564
to train and license a trainer.

Train a Trainer
Like Ileana

After attending a KidZ at Heart training, Ileana was burdened to teach children in the center marketplace of her town where little ones gather as their grandmothers manage market stands. Children are flocking to see what the fun is all about—and are becoming wholehearted followers of Jesus, from the inside out! Because of her passion to lead, Ileana has since become a National Trainer for KidZ at Heart where she teaches the teachers. There are teachers waiting to be trained, but more trainers are needed to meet the demand.

It takes $15,643
to establish a training site.

Establish a
Training Site

Carolina was trained by KidZ at Heart in 2017. She soon started a Bible Club in a school which resulted in children learning about Jesus. Before long, Carolina trained to be the first KidZ at Heart National Trainer. And now? KidZ has 26 professional trainers in El Salvador! The two largest churches in El Salvador have requested KidZ at Heart trainings: Elim Christian Mission and Bible Baptist Tabernacle. Trainings are currently taking place at sister churches and smaller congregations, but we have requests to train thousands more teachers.  It is imperative that we establish locations for these trainings to take place.

It takes $96,860 to build
a training network.


El Salvador is ready and waiting for a self-sustaining network of trainers. Like driving on a rutted road causes stress and damage to our vehicles, a lack of infrastructure impedes progress in our communities. There is a tremendous need for infrastructure with KidZ at Heart’s ongoing El Salvador efforts. We have opportunity to expand to the borders of the country, but our progress is much slower than it could be. We simply need systems and structures set in motion to empower our trainers and help them move effectively into expansion mode. This includes training teachers and trainers, establishing six training sites, and empowering staff, partners, and leaders to move more effectively.

"...Fix your attention on God. You'll be changed from the inside out." Romans 12:2 (MSG)

KidZ at Heart is a global Christian community that trains, partners with, and mobilizes networks of leaders to help children fall deeply in love with Jesus. More than 85% of every dollar goes directly to the ministry of KidZ at Heart. KidZ at Heart International is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.