To enrich the understanding of those who influence children so that they facilitate the lifelong process by which the Holy Spirit serves as the child's teacher, generating an overflow of love toward God, self, and others.

ADVANCED MODULE 1: The Formational Teacher: Who are you becoming?

  • Learn how to allow the Holy Spirit to nurture faith in you - and in the children you influence
  • Featured Workshops: "Becoming a Transformed Teacher" and "Spiritual Formation Practices of the Teacher"

ADVANCED MODULE 2: Lesson Preparation: Engaging deeply with God's Word

  • Discover how to enrich your preparation of a Bible lesson
  • Featured Workshops: "Great Themes of the Bible" and "5 Big Study Questions"

ADVANCED MODULE 3: Spiritual Formation in Children

  • Discover how children grow in their love for God and from God
  • Featured Workshops: "What is Spiritual Formation in Children" and "Spiritual Formation in Children Within the 5 Spheres"

ADVANCED MODULE 4: Successful Lesson Planning

  • Learn to tell a Bible story with formational focus
  • Featured Workshops: "Anatomy of a Focused Story" and "Stories with One Point"

ADVANCED MODULE 5: Nurturing Children with Unique Needs

  • Learn to respond to the needs of unique groups of children
  • Featured Workshops: "Nurturing Pre-school, Preteen and Multi-aged Groups" and "Nurturing Children of Trauma"

ADVANCED MODULE 6: Formational Lesson Planning

  • Learn to write and evaluate a formational Bible lesson
  • Featured Workshops: "What Makes a Lesson Formational?" and "Good Question!"

ADVANCED MODULE 7: What could possibly go wrong?

  • Discover which teaching practices cooperate with the Spirit's transforming work
  • Featured Workshops: "Teacher Beware: Teaching practices which distract from formational teaching" and "Integrating Spiritual Formation Into Your Curriculum"

ADVANCED MODULE 8: Celebrating Success

  • Participants plan together and then demonstrate a formational lesson

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