To encourage and equip children's ministry and family leaders with skills to teach children God's Word.

MODULE 1: Nurturing Great Children

  • Learn how to nurture faith in children and yourself.
  • Featured Workshop: "Nurturing Great Children: Impacting the 5 Key Spheres of Life"

MODULE 2: How Children Learn

  • Discover how children learn and creative strategies to teach to their context.
  • Featured Workshops: "How Children LEARN Best" and "8 Wonderful Ways Children LEARN"

MODULE 3: Effective Bible Storytelling for Children

  • Learn how to tell a Bible story to a child.
  • Featured Workshop: "Bring to the Bible to Life"

MODULE 4: Successful Lesson Planning

  • Learn to use a basic three-part lesson plan
  • Featured Workshop: "Successful Lesson Planning"

MODULE 5: Creating Positive Classrooms

  • Learn why children misbehave and how to create an encouraging and engaging learning environment.
  • Featured Workshops: "Loving Your Children to Good Behavior" and "Discipline Do's and Don't's"

MODULE 6: God Speaks to Children

  • Discover how to develop a child's relationship with God.
  • Featured Workshops: "Introducing Children to Jesus" and "Connecting Children with God"

MODULE 7: Children Speak to God

  • Learn how to help children pray.
  • Featured Workshop: "Helping Children LEARN to Pray"

MODULE 8: Putting It All Together

  • Experience a demonstration lesson and debrief the elements of effective teaching and learning.

Each module includes interactive, relational, and formational teaching strategies with opportunity for incremental engagement. Participants who complete all eight modules receive a Transforming KidZ Ministry Teacher Certificate.

For more information, please send us an email at TrainingResources@kidzatheart.org.