You can join a KidZ at Heart cross-cultural team and make an impact on young lives for matter what your experience level may be! Or we can design a trip specifically for you. KidZ takes care of the details and guides your team through the steps required for success and safety.

KidZ at Heart teams have trained leaders in more than 40 countries on four continents. KidZ Ministry Equipping Conferences equip church leaders and families, helping them create and facilitate their own ministries to the children of their homes, churches, and communities.

Short-Term Trip Details

Most trips require 10 to 14 days, including 2 to 4 days of travel time.

You can join a KidZ at Heart team and make an impact on young lives for Christ no matter what your experience level may be. A typical team includes:

  • 1 Team Leader
  • 2-3 Co-Trainers (who have the ability to co-present children's ministry training workshops)
  • 2-6 Support Team Members (who help with details of the trip and experience the cross-cultural impact along with the team)
Costs vary depending on origin and destination cities, time of year, and length of trip. KidZ does everything within its power to keep expenses low, while ensuring that project team members travel in safety and basic comfort. We shop for the best travel prices and have extensive experience in multiple cultures. Final prices are locked in by KidZ at Heart after purchase of airline tickets which occurs two months prior to trip departure.
SOEShortTermMissionAs an Associate Member of SOE (Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission), KidZ at Heart provides excellent and safe short-term trips. We help by:

  • Securing an in-country host and site with safe lodging.
  • Securing cost-effective transportation.
  • Budgeting for the trip.
  • Processing donations, reporting, and receipting.
  • Managing a 6- to 12-month timeline based on successful mobilization of hundreds of teams.
  • Coaching on effective cross-cultural strategies.
  • Providing team resources: team apparel, strengths assessments, devotionals, and debriefing kits.

KidZ at Heart's unique training materials equip church leaders and families to fulfill their God-given partnership a they nurture Christian faith in the children of their homes, churches, and communities. All materials are designed to be shared with "reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others" 2 Tim 2:2 (NIV). KidZ at Heart's workshop materials incorporate more than 70 combined years of experience and field-testing in more than 35 different cultures. Read more about what makes us unique.

Options for Partnering with KidZ at Heart

OPTION A - Join an Existing KidZ at Heart Team: This is a great way to get ready to lead your own team in the future. See a list of current trips.

OPTION B - Form a Team from Your Church: You can partner with KidZ at Heart to form a team from your church, circle of friends, or as a family to minister to one of the project areas already established by KidZ or currently on our waiting list. Propose a location or explore Family Mission Trips.

OPTION C - Partner with KidZ at Heart: You can partner with KidZ at Heart to form a team from your church to work with a church planter, missionary or national with whom you and/or your church already have a relationship. Now you can help them using KidZ at Heart training materials so they can reach and teach the children of their homes and community.

Applications & Forms

Ready to go? Read more to learn All About KidZ. To join a KidZ at Heart team, each member (new and returning) must submit an application and a Church Endorsement Form. Team members under the age of 18 must submit a consent form to be filed with KidZ.

Short-Term Team Application (For first-time team members)
Returning Short-Term Team Member Application (For returning team members)
Church Endorsement Form (One form required per team member)
Traveling With a Minor Consent Form (Required for each team member under the age of 18)
Travel Documents Form 
(To be completed three-months prior to departure)

For More Information

Contact Chief Program Officer Adam Ormord at (877) 778-KidZ (5439), ext. 622.

Matt McGonegle, KidMin Missions leader international workshop presenter for KidZ at Heart

“My trip was a life-changing experience. To see God work in another country made me realize that we are not alone on earth. This was my first trip outside of my country and I was apprehensive, but KidZ at Heart is so well run I was able to focus on the mission at hand.”

Matt, Arizona