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Janet Anthony Newsletter ~ October 2018

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God is aligning what KidZ at Heart does internationally with our ministry in North America, too. It is exciting to see the pieces fall into place as we focus on training children’s ministry leaders and parents to  implement practices that help children love God deeply. Click to read my October newsletter.

Janet October 2018 Newsletter

Janet Anthony ~ February 2018 Newsletter

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When our teams go into a country to train, we focus on training adults. Read this month's newsletter to hear the story of a boy who came to a KidZ at Heart training, not just because his parents had no childcare available. It was his desire to come and he uses what he learns in his own church. Click below to read the story.

2018_02 FB Newsletter

Janet Anthony ~ January 2018 Newsletter

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Think of all the things someone has taught you--to drive, to use your computer or phone, maybe how to cook or repair your car. Our Honduras team goes cross-culturally to help Christian brothers and sisters learn to help kids develop a close relationship with Jesus within their own unique Honduran culture. Click to read more.

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Janet Anthony ~ December 2017 Newsletter

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Christmas traditions bring comfort and familiarity as we settle into this season of celebration of our Lord. Check out my newsletter this month, though, for suggestions to incorporate an international focus as you remember the birth of the Savior. It may give you a different perspective. Have a blessed and joyful Christmas. Click below to view the newsletter.

2017_12 FB Newsletter