KidZ Global Adventures is a treasure trove of creative, flexible, and easy-to-use activities to help you and your children get to know children from around the world. KidZ Global Adventures can be used by families at home or by children’s ministry leaders and teachers as a missions activity to connect kids with a big God in a big world.

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Choose Activities from Around the World

  • Give It (find ways to serve and give financially for the sake of others);
  • Make It (create a family memento or do a project together);
  • Memorize It (hide God’s Word in your hearts);
  • Play It (enjoy a cultural game);
  • Pray It (gather to pray for the real needs of real children);
  • Read It (explore life in-country through a story);
  • Taste It (follow a kid-friendly recipe to make a cultural dish).

What’s Included?

With each activity, you’ll receive:

  • Try This!: An age-appropriate activity rooted in Scripture and flavored with the culture of a country
  • Talk It Out!: Discussion ideas to help kids think through what living in a different culture would be like and tie what they have experienced into a spiritual principle that they can apply to their own lives
  • BIG Idea!: An overarching truth about caring for God’s people around the world.
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Remember to use the drop-down menu on the right to select the KidZ Global Adventures catalog.

For More Information

Contact Vice President of North American Ministries Janet Anthony at (877) 778-KidZ (5439), ext. 501.

"I've used KidZ Global Adventures for both my family and students. It has been an amazing experience for all of them. They love the recipes and prayers.  They feel like it helps them connect to people their age all over the world. I plan on using these activities for years to come."

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