KidZ Ministry Certification Program

KidZ at Heart International has enjoyed explosive growth in recent years. That growth has included a number of partnerships with universities both abroad and at home, resulting in a need for KidZ at Heart training to blend with higher education courses. Around the world, Christian education leaders are looking to gain locally- and globally-recognized certifications for their achievements in becoming effective pace-setters in the ministry of transforming the lives of the children of their own culture.

In response, the KidZ Ministry Certification Program has been designed as a three-level certification program offering training and certification for the Teacher, Advanced Teacher, and Children’s Ministry Leader.

  • El Salvador: The Teacher Certification program was introduced in El Salvador in the spring of 2016, and the first certificates awarded in October 2017. KidZ at Heart and Evangelical University of El Salvador (UEES) entered into a partnership for the children of El Salvador in October 2017, signing an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for joint ventures in equipping teachers, parents, and church leaders to effectively reach and teach their children.

  • South Africa: The Teacher Certification program was introduced in South Africa in July 2016 in partnership with Walk Through the Bible.

  • Uganda: The Teacher Certification program was offered in Uganda in July 2016 in partnership with Kampala Evangelical School of Theology (KEST) and a union of Christian Education denominational leaders from across the nation.

Overview of Certificates

View the course outlines for each of the three KidZ Ministry Certification Program levels:

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Contact President & Founder Gordon West at (877) 778-KidZ (5439), ext. 509.

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"This training has been so enriching and has enabled me to deliver impacting Bible lessons to the children." - Yong Delphine Kiindzuu, Cameroon