KidZ at Heart International Ministries: Locations and Trips

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KidZ at Heart Honduras: 15.199999, -86.241905
KidZ at Heart El Salvador: 13.794185, -88.896530
KidZ at Heart Tanzania: -6.369028, 34.888822
KidZ at Heart India: 20.593684, 78.962880
KidZ at Heart Haiti: 18.971187, -72.285215
KidZ at Heart Nepal: 28.394857, 84.124008
KidZ at Heart Moldova: 47.411631, 28.369885
KidZ at Heart South Africa: -30.559482, 22.937506
KidZ at Heart Zambia: -15.416667, 28.283333
KidZ at Heart Estonia: 58.595272, 25.013607
KidZ at Heart Cameroon: 7.369722, 12.354722
KidZ at Heart Latvia: 56.879635, 24.603189
KidZ at Heart Uganda: 1.373333, 32.290275
KidZ at Heart Kenya: -0.023559, 37.906193
KidZ at Heart Guatemala: 15.783471, -90.230759
KidZ at Heart Philippines: 12.879721, 121.774017
KidZ at Heart Romania: 45.943161, 24.966760
KidZ at Heart Bahamas: 25.034280, -77.396280
KidZ at Heart Canada: 56.130366, -106.346771
KidZ at Heart United States: 33.415184, -111.831472
KidZ at Heart Costa Rica: 9.748917, -83.753428
KidZ at Heart Ireland: 53.412910, -8.243890
KidZ at Heart Kosovo: 42.602636, 20.902977
KidZ at Heart Kuwait: 29.311660, 47.481766
KidZ at Heart Malawi: -13.254308, 34.301525
KidZ at Heart Mexico: 23.634501, -102.552784
KidZ at Heart Panama: 8.537981, -80.782127
KidZ at Heart Zimbabwe: -19.015438, 29.154857
KidZ at Heart Mozambique: -18.665695, 35.529562
KidZ at Heart Rwanda: -1.940278, 29.873888
KidZ at Heart Croatia: 45.100000, 15.200000
KidZ at Heart Nicaragua: 12.865416, -85.207229
KidZ at Heart Ukraine: 49.219469, 33.023452
KidZ at Heart Myanmar: 21.576814, 96.065960
KidZ at Heart Colombia: 4.598050, -74.076100
KidZ at Heart Thailand: 13.754300, 100.493000

Culturally Relevant Short-Term Trips

KidZ at Heart's culturally relevant training materials are being used in more than 45 countries. Short-Term Teams are a vital part of taking those culturally relevant materials around the world. Information on current trips including trip dates, team status, links to Facebook pages for updates, team member applications, and contact information is included on the map above.


Current Trips


Future Trips


KidZ Training Materials Being Used

For More Information

Contact Chief Program Officer Adam Ormord at (877) 778-KidZ (5439), ext. 622.

You Can Go

Interested in being a part of a cross-culturally relevant KidZ at Heart short-term team? Do you want KidZ to help you form a team? Do you have a heart for a particular country? Get started today.

Current Trips

2020 Trips

Costa Rica: January 23-31

culturally relevant short-term tripsSW Ukraine: March 6-17

culturally relevant short-term tripsHonduras: July 5-17

Costa Rica: July 29-August 8

culturally relevant short-term trips Moldova: August 22-29

culturally relevant short-term tripsBelarus: September 8-15

culturally relevant short-term trips Myanmar: September

culturally relevant short-term tripsGuatemala: October 29 - November 9

culturally relevant short-term trips

India: October

culturally relevant short-term tripsIndonesia: October

culturally relevant short-term tripsRomaniaNovember 5-17

Nicaragua: November

culturally relevant short-term trips

Thailand: November

culturally relevant short-term trips Zimbabwe: November