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Nancy Tichy Newsletter ~ April 2020

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Some call it “lock down.”  In many respects, however, I’ve experienced a great freedom having time to read and take long naps among other activities. I’ve been sheltered at home since the latter part of February, and with the invasion of COVID-19 almost all human contact has been virtual.

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Nancy Tichy Newsletter ~ March 2020

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You might say it’s a matter of genetics. My mother and my paternal grandmother were both published writers. It was a hobby for Grandmother Schroeder, but my mother was possibly more serious about finding a career in writing than she was about anything or anyone else. My propensity for writing surfaced before I left grade school.  Rather than making this a career choice, however, I moved into the realm of teaching, primarily influenced by an incredible, high school English teacher, Miss Gatzweiler.

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Apple Pie, Anyone?

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We were a small gathering one evening around the dining room table. The centerpiece was a home baked apple pie. A diverse group of seniors with little in common, we were enjoying an air of congeniality –with a faint aroma of spices. Our conversation ranged widely and at any point when we needed more information each of us without exception pulled out a smart phone. A recipe. The name of a fruit or a book title. A location on the map. Whatever -we had come [...]