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Tanya Sloan KidZ at Heart October 2020 Prayer Letter

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Bonswa Zanmis (Hello Friends)

The leaves are turning, the wind is blowing and the temperature is dropping here in Minnesota. We have stepped out of summer, are fully into the beautiful fall season, and seeing winter peaking around the corner. I hope you have made it outside to enjoy the beauty of the season around us. I have enjoyed many walks and quiet moments with the Lord, while viewing His masterpiece.

Praying for, and with you all.

Enjoy this months Prayer letter - Tanya

Tanya Sloan KidZ at [...]

Look a Little Deeper

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I consider myself to be blessed to live in a place that my surroundings change in four different seasons. Winter, spring, summer and fall. Each carries a uniqueness about it that brings a new perspective, calls for different types of clothing and its own traditions.

Winter invites sledding, building snowmen, warm soft sweaters, cozy fires and hot chocolate. Spring brings a smile as the cold of winter melts away and flowers peek to see if [...]

News & Views / North America (October 2020)

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Enduring hardship: Life is hard. Life is not about denying the pain and grief of life. It is to know that whatever we face, we never face it alone. And the Spirit of God is intimately aware and present in all the circumstances of life.

As Christians, many of us think we need to put on an upbeat, “everything is fine” face even when we are struggling with the challenges of life. During these COVID-19 pandemic times, I think we have all grown weary [...]

News & Views / Latin America (October 2020)

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God’s Selection

One of the most important issues to consider when starting a set of eight training modules in a country was selecting someone among the participants who will later join the national team of trainers. 

The selection process has to start with prayer — asking God to hand-pick the brothers and sisters he wants as members of the KidZ at Heart national team in each country. 

It can be natural for a National Coordinator to be astounded by one participant’s skills [...]

News & Views / Europe (October 2020)

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KidZ at Heart would like to introduce you to Valentina Lavrinenko, our Regional Director for Eastern Europe. God has given Valentina a unique story, and we would like to share it with you.

Valentina was born and raised in a Christian family from Kiev, Ukraine. She moved to Colorado in 1994 with her husband, Nikolay, and three daughters. A decade later, they became parents to a son in the United States, and [...]

News & Views / Asia (October 2020)

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Several of our staff members — including those from other countries — gather each week over WhatsApp messaging to pray together, praising our Father and asking him to protect us, guide us, and help us keep our eyes focused on his plan.  

Recently, our Regional Training Network Director for Asia, Lee Ruud, shared the following verse and devotional. We pray that this will comfort you and bring you into his presence.  

The Lord is near to all who call on him, [...]

News & Views / Africa (October 2020)

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Our feature article this month is written by Claudia Makomiku. Claudia is an engineer by profession and a longtime member of University Community Fellowship, where she went through Transforming KidZ Ministry Teacher Certificate Training. She has taught Sunday school for more than 10 years, and now serves as a co-trainer with Grace Rwothumio in Uganda.

How My Teaching Has Changed

Children sitting still, trying hard to pay attention to what the teacher is saying. No giggling, no speaking or [...]

News & Views / Prayer (October 2020)

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The Training Resources Division of KidZ at Heart is busy making preparations. Your prayers provide vital support for the work of the staff in this area of our ministry.

  • Valorie is teaching the Hope International University course Nurturing Spiritual Formation in Children until mid-October. Students need to experience deep transformation themselves, using acquired skills to integrate spiritual practices into their teaching.
  • Tanya is overseeing the formatting and translation of KidZ at [...]

News & Views / The View From Here (October 2020)

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Creating a Compassionate Family

Say the word compassion, and many of us will think of the story that Jesus told in answer to the neighbor question. The two religious leaders who may have paused long enough to survey the situation probably had pity on the poor, wounded fellow. They may have felt sorry for him, but they hurried on down the road, probably letting fear for their own safety jettison any thought of rendering help. The Samaritan, on the other hand, though [...]