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KidZ at Heart is staffed by a team of leaders based in a virtual office setting spanning multiple states and several countries. For more information on staff members, to read their blogs, or to become a part of their support team, click on their name below.

Gordon West KidZ at Heart President and Founder

Gordon West
President & Founder

Becki West KidZ at Heart Executive Director and Founder

Becki West
Senior Vice President & Founder

Janet Anthony KidZ at Heart NextGen

Janet Anthony
Vice President of North American Ministries

Becky Dietz
Director of Leadership Content & Programming

Valorie Eddy
Vice President of Content Development

Janna Firestone
Vice President of Executive Resources

Allison Gibson
Visual Media Coordinator

Becky McAllister
Director of International Ministries (Africa & Europe)

Michael McKnight
Short-Term Team Budget Prep

Pat McWhorter KidZ at Heart

Pat McWhorter
Vice President of International Ministries

Barbie Murphy
North American Training Event Coordinator

Shannon Routzahn KidZ at Heart

Shannon Nyange
Mobilizer (Africa)

Adam Ormord
Director of Regional Ministries

Jo Ellen Platania
Director of Community Development

Carolina de Portillo
Regional Director (Latin America)

Josh Rasmussen
Vice President of Development

Lee Ruud
Regional Director (Asia)

Grace Rwothumio
Regional Director (East Africa)

Lynnette Stander
Regional Director (Southern Africa)

Tanya Sloan
National Training Network Coordinator (Haiti)

Nancy Tichy
Digital Content Writer & Editor

Judy Steffek
Office Manager

Vanessa Thomas
Mobilizer (Europe)

Aubrey Van Benthem
Director of Instructional Design

Brittany van Wyk
Director of Operations