Becky Dietz
Vice President of Training Resources
Pensacola, FL 

Becky came to know the love of Jesus as a young child and had access to reliable teachers of the Word her whole life. She loves watching God work through KidZ at Heart in ways that not only impact children with the gospel, but also enrich the Church. The delight of her soul is to see people experience God's pleasure while they nurture disciples by teaching His Word effectively!

As Vice President of Training Resources, Becky works with international seminaries and other partner organizations to provide curriculum which fulfills accreditation requirements for their degree programs. She is the point person for the creation of digital learning content and coaches North American training teams as they prepare to deploy to international training sites.

Becky graduated from Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music with a diploma focus on Christian Education. During the 25 years she and her husband served in pastoral ministry, she developed curriculum for training teachers, collaborated on leadership development and wrote Bible studies, mentoring resources and retreat programs. After graduating from Knox Theological Seminary in 2006, she served churches as Director of Ministry Development and then as Director of Women’s Ministries.

Becky and her husband, Jim, worship at Circle Church and live in Pensacola, FL, where she designs and makes quilts, chases the squirrels away from her bird feeders and plans trips to see her grandchildren.

Recent Posts

Companionship: He is with us!

April 14, 2020|0 Comments

...for God is present in the company of the righteous. Psalm 14:5


In these days of quarantine and separation, social distancing and self isolation how wonderful to have faithful companions! O the blessing of having friends who pray for us and help us focus on truth!

Faithful companions who remind us of sustaining truth - there is one constant companion, one great comfort: God is with us! His companionship satisfies our souls! And sometimes a faithful friend shares the warmth of their fireplace and comforting old poetry with us ...


Jesus Walks With [...]

Reasons for Gasping – with Delight!

March 22, 2020|0 Comments

Behold, I make all things new. Revelation 21:5

Of all the things that I will miss about my mother-in-law, (her warm smile, her delicious vegetable soup, her careful preparations when we came to visit, her devotion to Jim’s dad) I believe I will miss her “gasp” the most of all. Whenever she encountered someone she loved, or something happy or funny, or something unexpected, she would “gasp.” And her face would light up with delight! Her “gasp” was one of the most heart warming sounds I have ever heard.

So, when [...]