Nancy Tichy
Digital Content Writer & Editor; Board Member
Homeland, CA

Nancy works out of her home office in Homeland, Southern California. She and her late husband, Frank, moved here in the late 80’s when they returned from 21 years in West Africa as missionary teachers.

After several years of serving on the KidZ At Heart Board, Nancy joined the KidZ staff to work in the North American Ministries department as a Writer & Editor in 2011. Her primary focus is to write for the KidZ Kan for Families monthly e-magazine along with entries for the KidZ Kan Make a Difference blog.

She brings with her many years of experience as a teacher, missions mobilizer, a champion of children and their strategic role in advancing God’s Kingdom, a published writer for and about children, and a deep interest in worldwide ministries.

Her vision – a global focus on children and families that enables Christians everywhere to tell the next generation of God’s mighty acts. (Psalm 145:4)

Nancy enjoys interaction with her three daughters and her son and their respective families. All but two of her fourteen grandchildren live close by.