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Disagree, Don’t Disown: Calling on Leaders to Differentiate

By | 2016-10-18T14:01:11+00:00 September 4, 2015|Gordon D. West: Blog Posts, Staff Blogs|

differentiationAs the political landscape heats up in the United States, we had to wonder if most governmental leaders, heads of family, and church leaders share a need that would help each sphere of influence or “system” be a lot healthier. Can you imagine a family, a church, or a house of Congress where strongly-held differences of opinion could be voiced without resulting in broken relationships and separation from [...]

Leading through Change

By | 2016-10-18T14:01:12+00:00 August 27, 2015|Gordon D. West: Blog Posts, Staff Blogs|

changeWe often hear leaders asking some variation of the question, "How do I lead through change?"

What this question reveals is an inadequate definition of leadership. If you are truly a leader, you are a change agent. Change goes with the territory. Leadership is all about change. If you don't like change, don't lead. If you are called a leader, but no change is taking place beneath you and [...]

What Ought You be Doing?

By | 2016-10-18T14:01:13+00:00 August 13, 2015|Gordon D. West: Blog Posts, Staff Blogs|

oughtI have to confess. Recently, I attended a social function that I had no desire to attend. I felt I “ought” to be present, yet my spirit grumbled within. Afterall, I am very busy. I have things to do. When I do have a few minutes of free time, I don’t want someone else deciding for me how that time “should” be spent.

So what’s the problem with [...]

Change the Way You Change Your Ways

By | 2016-10-18T14:01:44+00:00 May 11, 2015|Gordon D. West: Blog Posts, Staff Blogs|

NehemiahHow do you lead change when change is needed?

We all know the story. Nehemiah was a long way from home, yet thoroughly aware of the need to do something dramatic in Jerusalem, the home of his people.

The situation was dire. Enemies all around, the city in ruins, and the people utterly demoralized. Change was needed, and in a hurry.

How did Nehemiah lead through this challenge? [...]