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Creole Lessons – How am I doing?

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I remember back in 7th grade attempting to learn French. It is the only class I failed in all my school years.... If I recall the teacher took pity on me and gave me a "barely' passing grade. A couple years later I attempted Spanish, where I did only slightly better. My school requirements were filled and I had no intention of putting myself through the torture any longer, learning another language was clearly not my gift. But then just a few short years later [...]

The Road Leading to the Hente’s

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It’s been a couple weeks since I said goodbye to my home. I admit I have been feeling very emotional. A friend recently pointed out to me that I am grieving what was, making room for what God has next. That I need to give myself time to “sit into” my feelings, so that’s what I have been doing; this has led to a lot of reflection.

I knew my life was blessed in so many ways and that we have a great Father who provides [...]

Voices of Haiti; Life from Their Perspective – March 2020

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This month I am blessed to share a family with you that is very dear to my heart. It all started in February 2016 with a young boy named Benilson who was drawn to me, and I to him. A special bond grew between us, and as time went on that bond grew with his whole family. Over the past few years I have gotten to know them and feel as though I am one of them. I love this family very much. Benitho and [...]

Keep Our Eyes on Jesus

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When I think about the struggles of our world, I am glad I have faith in Jesus. I can not imagine getting through a day without Him. I can remember times when I have chosen the temptations of our world and found myself in a place I was never meant to go. Our Father loves us so much that He will never leave us. Keeping our eyes focused on Jesus transforms us from the inside out. Focusing on Jesus helps our clarity stay focused on [...]

Voices of Haiti; Life from Their Perspective – Feb 2020

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When I started going to Haiti back in 2016 one of the first families I met were the Jeanfrancois. This family has grown dear to me over the years, becoming an extension of my own family. In getting to know them it is extraordinarily clear how much the Lord is at their very core. The Jeanfrancois family humbly gives their lives to God and are a vital part of the community and church. The entire family has been blessed by God with musical talent. I [...]

The Joy of a Child

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The Lord has placed me in the lives of children throughout my life, even when I believed I was meant for other things.  From being one of 5 sisters, having 2 sons, a niece, 2 nephews, running a daycare for 10 years, volunteering in the youth program at church, mentoring homeless teens, loving on children in Haiti, and getting to be a part of the work God is doing through KidZ at Heart International, God has known his plans for me. My heart grows with [...]

Voices of Haiti; Life from Their Perspective

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Last month in my newsletter I began a new section called "Voices of Haiti; Life from their perspective." I received very good feedback from friends and family after they read the touching words from the two gentlemen who wrote about their current life conditions in Haiti. I hope that you'll enjoy this next piece just as much.

Along my journey in Haiti I have been privileged to meet Marie-Daniele Laplante. This young lady has a beautiful heart for God and a hunger for knowledge. She currently [...]