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Together we address the cause of reaching the 2.3 billion children in our world for Jesus. We invite you to prayerfully consider giving to Train the Trainers.

Since 2003, KidZ at Heart has been putting children within reach of a teacher who can show them the love, acceptance, and wonder of Jesus. We intentionally focus on encouraging and equipping teachers and leaders who are there, day in and day out, impacting the lives of children 52 weeks of every year.

We can’t stop there.

KidZ at Heart is developing regional training centers staffed primarily by local leaders who are able to expand the reach of KidZ across their own country and to neighboring areas. Of course, each training center requires time and travel of our ministry leaders, individualized training programs, and a level of funding to help local leaders launch the ministry. Together, we can continue to develop, launch, and release local leaders around the world.

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Your gift will be matched! Thank you for prayerfully considering your gift to impact the 2.3 billion children in the world for Christ.


Ministering with Excellence

Through short-term mission trips, our materials are now used in more than 40 countries, including the United States. Since 2003, KidZ at Heart is meeting the needs around the world by equipping leaders in children’s ministry, using readily available local materials, and empowering children’s ministry leaders to teach and train others.

KidZ at Heart International is registered and in good standing with the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry and with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Your gift is tax deductible. Stewardship is a core value of KidZ at Heart and we are fiscally responsible.

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Contact Director of Development & Communications Janna Firestone at (877) 778-KidZ (5439), ext. 502.

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Stories of Impact

South Africa

Do you know where Pretoria is located? How about Olievenhoutbosch? Many people recognize Pretoria as the capital of South Africa. Though, Olievenhoutbosch is a much more remote and smaller township. Joan, a National Trainer for KidZ at Heart, is currently training 22 teachers in Olievenhoutbosch and other remote areas. Together we can train more trainers globally to provide much-needed training to those KidZ at Heart would never be able to reach otherwise.

Latin America

"If I take more classes from you and pass a test, may I take this training to people I know who need it?" Gaby asked while attending training in Mexico. KidZ at Heart quickly answered, "Yes!" You see, those who attend KidZ at Heart training are the ones who best know the people, the area, and the needs. Attendees like Gaby advocate for people who live in more remote areas and don't have access to the annual KidZ at Heart training. Let's equip in-country leaders like Gaby to share KidZ at Heart training throughout the year!