Transforming KidZ Ministry Training

Are you creating environments where children meet with God in your home, at school or during church gatherings? 
Are children’s lives being transformed by God?
Are you seeing children fall more deeply in love with Jesus? 

This calls for a radical transformation in the way we approach ministry to children. 

Transforming KidZ Ministry Training has been 

  • uniquely designed 
  • goes beyond educational methodology 
  • encompasses practices and principles of spiritual formation.

The goal of Transforming KidZ Ministry Training is to create teaching environments where children encounter their loving God. While the accumulation of intellectual information will cause a child to know about God, transformation occurs when a child experiences her loving God in a true relationship.

What is Christian spiritual formation for children? We are glad you asked, click here to find out what spiritual formation for children looks like.

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Overview of Transforming KidZ Ministry Training

Each resource utilizes 

  • interactive, 
  • relational, and 
  • formational teaching strategies 
  • with opportunities for incremental engagement. 

As a parent, grandparent, teacher or church leader (any child influencer), you want to help children fall more deeply in love with Jesus. This training is designed to help you 

  • discover how to partner with the Holy Spirit in the lifelong process of transformational work in children.
  • learn to create environments where children can meet with God in your home, at school or church gatherings, and through ministry in your community. 
  • see children's lives being transformed by God. 

Be prepared to enjoy the transformative work of God in your own life as you invite children into life with God.

Participants experience throughout the eight modules of Transforming KidZ Ministry training

  • spiritual practices for themselves, enjoying God’s presence and hearing God through Scripture
  • 5-hour training module consisting of 2 workshops
  • practical ways to create environments where children meet God and enjoy the same spiritual practices

KidZ at Heart’s Transforming KidZ Ministry training prepares you to share God’s Word effectively and formationally.

Transforming KidZ Ministry Training presents three kinds of resources:

For More Information

Contact us at for a consultation regarding

  • training specifics,
  • location (onsite and online options),
  • cost of training modules.

"First you have to learn how to hear God for yourself and only then can you teach kids about God. It was eye opening to hear God talk to me personally." - Anton from Uganda