From the Heart of KidZ at Heart (May 2020)

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I’m a hiker. I love getting outside for fresh air and some quiet time in nature with the God who created it all. For me, hiking is good exercise, but it’s more than that. Hiking is a spiritual discipline that helps me keep my eyes on Jesus.

When I hike with someone, I find myself worried about what pace the other person is walking. Am I leaving him behind? Or, more likely, am I holding him back? My eyes are [...]

Asia Spotlight

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During this global pandemic, our Regional Training Network Directors and National Training Network Coordinators in Asia have not been able to engage in their planned in-person training events. Our prayers are with them as we trust God to watch over each and every trainer and participant and allow them to return with joy as soon as the time is right.

We hope to resume trips to Myanmar, Thailand, India, and Indonesia in [...]

In These Times

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The first-century church has been a topic of conversation at KidZ at Heart recently. How are we navigating this extraordinary time with Jesus and with each other? Can we share with each other, and help ease each other’s burdens?

As a partner to KidZ at Heart, you are part of our community. How can we pray for you? How can we care for you? You are reading a lot about KidZ at [...]

Join Us in Prayer

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1. et’s remember our country and our world during this time of crisis.

2. We have a number of staff who are dealing with family health issues right now -- though none with COVID-19. Some are even serving on health care front lines. Please pray for comfort and protection.

3. Pray that KidZ at Home would make its way into the hands and hearts of families all over the world.


North America Spotlight

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After the prayer and preparation, getting the details done, conference calls completed and the trainers, hosts, and participants were all back home, the question came silently…was it all worth it? Did the Transforming KidZ Ministry training prompt a change in the lives of the twenty participants?

As the COVID-19 virus began to generate speed, two KidZ at Heart staff traveled to Morehead United Methodist Church in Morehead, Kentucky. Months [...]

Latin America Spotlight

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In El Salvador, our Local Training Network is on lockdown just like most of the world.  This group of trainers has been presenting Transforming KidZ Ministry Training four times a month in four different locations.  Approximately 140 participants have been a part of this training.

What is the Local Training Network doing to continue building community with these participants?  Every Friday at 8 pm, the National Coordinator for El Salvador (Ileana) and the Regional Director [...]

Europe Spotlight

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We have connected with a few of our communities in Europe to see how they are doing during this time of crisis. What we hear is a blessing to us: they are continuing to practice what they are learning through the Transforming KidZ Ministry training by reaching out to the children in their community. 

Tatyana attended our training in Izmail just 2 weeks ago. We presented Modules 3 and 4 in this location. In [...]