News & Views / Europe (October 2020)

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KidZ at Heart would like to introduce you to Valentina Lavrinenko, our Regional Director for Eastern Europe. God has given Valentina a unique story, and we would like to share it with you.

Valentina was born and raised in a Christian family from Kiev, Ukraine. She moved to Colorado in 1994 with her husband, Nikolay, and three daughters. A decade later, they became parents to a son in the United States, and [...]

News & Views / Prayer (October 2020)

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The Training Resources Division of KidZ at Heart is busy making preparations. Your prayers provide vital support for the work of the staff in this area of our ministry.

  • Valorie is teaching the Hope International University course Nurturing Spiritual Formation in Children until mid-October. Students need to experience deep transformation themselves, using acquired skills to integrate spiritual practices into their teaching.
  • Tanya is overseeing the formatting and translation of KidZ at [...]

News & Views / The View From Here (October 2020)

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Creating a Compassionate Family

Say the word compassion, and many of us will think of the story that Jesus told in answer to the neighbor question. The two religious leaders who may have paused long enough to survey the situation probably had pity on the poor, wounded fellow. They may have felt sorry for him, but they hurried on down the road, probably letting fear for their own safety jettison any thought of rendering help. The Samaritan, on the other hand, though [...]

News & Views / Give (October 2020)

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We are asking for your help to facilitate online training in such places as Nepal, El Salvador, South Africa, and Canada.

Thanks to the hard work of our Training Resources Department and our dedicated National Training Network Directors and Coordinators, we have been able to implement online training in multiple countries, with more to come in the days and weeks ahead.

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue our Transforming KidZ Ministry training, despite an unforeseen pandemic that has had a severe impact on our ability [...]

KidZ on Mission: Be Close (Sept 2020)

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Know Your Neighborhood

Loving others flows from our relationship with God, which we share through relationships with others. Let’s get to know our neighbors.

Draw a simple map of the street where you live, using a square to indicate each house on your map. Label each house with the family name, if you know it. Make a point of having a conversation this month with as many neighbors as possible, writing down the name of each family member. Can you complete your map [...]

KidZ on Mission: Love Differently (Sept 2020)

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Different Yet Alike

Every day, we are close to people who are different from us. Remember, God is the author of creativity, and he loves all people everywhere. Look around each day. See how many people near you are different in one or more of these ways:

  • Born in a different country.
  • Much older.
  • Much younger.
  • Different skin color.
  • Writes with a different hand than you.
  • Speaks a different language.
  • Has different physical abilities.

Put a pebble or an M&M in a jar for each difference you find every day [...]

KidZ on Mission: Reach Wide (Sept 2020)

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Reach Wide: Ideas for Engagement

Here’s what you need:

  • A large paper or plastic world map mounted in a space that’s accessible to everyone.
  • Small paper circles or a sheet of sticky circles for each person.

Here’s what to do:

  • Each member of your family or class makes a list of the people he or she knows who live, or used to live, outside your country.
  • You can give a different color of circles to each person, or each person can print his or her initials on [...]

KidZ on Mission: How Big Is Your World? (Sept 2020)

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How Big Is Your World?

by Nancy Tichy


It was late afternoon as Jeremy sat with his laptop open on the dining room table. Mom came in carrying a stack of plates. “What on earth are you up to? School’s out now, even online,” she said.

“I’m making a list of all the people I know who live in or come from another country,” Jeremy answered. “I call it my friendship pandemic — although I know that a [...]

News and Views, Africa (Sept. 2020)

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Who is working in ministry in Africa? We are blessed at KidZ at Heart to have some special, loving people who are dedicated to help kids fall deeply in love with Jesus. All of the leaders are pressing on with ministry as the Lord is leading. They are following the principle from Hebrews 12:1: “Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” 

Edwin Mutai, our [...]

News and Views, North America (Sept 2020)

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Not pandemic, nor closed borders, nor delays in scheduling will keep us from pursuing Transforming KidZ Ministry training in Canada! 

KidZ at Heart taught Modules 2 and 3 to a group in Barrhead, Alberta, on Aug. 29-30.

In February 2020, this location had eagerly begun with Module 1. Plans to continue with the next modules in May were postponed when the worldwide pandemic struck. When the training was rescheduled for August, the plan [...]