Carolina knew something was wrong. In El Salvador, more than half the young people in jail self-identify as coming from a Christian family – a disturbing pattern which told of Christian parents and teachers not doing their job well. Carolina says, “The KidZ at Heart training is exactly what we need in El Salvador to fight spiritual decay.”

After first attending KidZ at Heart training in El Salvador in 2008, Carolina immediately saw the value of what she was learning! KidZ provided her with real, practical ideas on how to involve children in any lesson and how to bring the Bible to life in ways kids love. Armed with new strategies to better connect kids with God, she began an extracurricular Bible Club at a Bilingual School in San Salvador. This is a British school, and Carolina’s Bible club has since grown to 130 students!

Carolina offered a class on values and principles, based on the Bible. Luis, a 5th grader at the time, joined the club. His mom (a mathematician) was interested in her son learning and developing values and principles, even though Luis’ dad is a Buddhist and she was not a believer.

Luis is a logical thinker, mature for his age, intellectual, confident—and naturally skeptical! When he entered the first class, he flatly stated, “My parents signed me up for this class, but if I don’t like it, I can decide to drop it.”

Carolina responded, “Well, in the name of Jesus, you will like it!”

During the first lesson, Carolina opened her Bible and shared a Bible passage. She said, “This is the Bible, and it does not lie. It is the Truth…not just a story.”

Luis raised his hand and asked, “How can I be sure the Bible is true? Can you prove it scientifically?” Carolina gave him a scientific fact about the Bible which left him hungry for more!

Carolina told us, “With the tools and ideas taken from KidZ at Heart training, Luis fell in love with Jesus!” And he is only one of many who are being impacted by just one teacher—Carolina—who has taken what she learned from KidZ, and used it well! Luis is now in 7th grade, and he and his brother are following Jesus and attend the Bible club regularly.

As the class progressed, a lesson about conviction and doubt coincided with a local showing of the film, God’s Not Dead 2. Carolina decided to take all of the 5th graders to the movie, and invited Luis’ mom to join her as a chaperone. She had recently accepted Christ and this encounter solidified her belief and passion to share Christ with others.

Beyond her club work, Carolina has been the linchpin for integrating the KidZ Ministry Certification Program with the Evangelical University. Years ago, she had asked the university faculty if KidZ at Heart could conduct trainings on their campus. Time passed as Carolina and her team were able to offer several trainings on the campus. And now there is a signed agreement between the university and KidZ—and an unstoppable interest—in what KidZ at Heart can do to train and inspire other teachers!