Children and God connect with each other rather naturally and in many of the same ways that adults connect with God. As adults, we sometimes think we need to “help” both children and God to connect. But that’s not necessarily so! God and his children are pretty good at building a relationship when they are given a chance to do so.

In February, KidZ at Heart was privileged to be part of the 2018 Annual Conference of the Spiritual Formation Society of Arizona. While much of the spiritual formation movement globally is focused on adults, the leadership of this conference chose to include the leadership of KidZ at Heart in order to speak to the need of spiritual formation in ministries to children.

And why is spiritual formation necessary in children’s ministry? For too long, adults have taught children about God but neglected to introduce them to God. Taking a transformative approach to children’s ministry allows children to connect with God personally and for the Holy Spirit to form faith in children from the inside out, resulting in true transformation. Instead of children merely believing the right facts and doing the right things (similar to the way the Pharisees approached religion), they start following the right God with their whole hearts!

The weekend conference featured keynote speakers Dr. Ted Wueste (Director, SFSAZ), Dr. Tom Ashbrook (Founder/Team Leader, Church Resource Ministries), and Dr. Stephen Macchia (Founder/President, Leadership Transformations). KidZ at Heart manned an exhibit to meet with interested participants and also led two workshops focused on connecting kids with God.

Great discussions were had with leaders from other ministries. KidZ at Heart was asked to consult with several church leaders as to how to bring spiritual formation principles to children. Several ministries focused on the faith formation of adults and already seeing the need to do the same with children asked KidZ to either advise or partner with them in doing so.

This is what it KidZ at Heart is all about, the Christian spiritual formation of children. If we’re not teaching kids to know God, what are we teaching them? Is your church ready to discuss making its ministry to children transformative? We’re here to help with consultations, catered training events, or just a listening ear.