KidZ at Heart Team Leader, Debbie Rowley, noticed a variety of ages that attended the training at the three locations in Moldova. Teens and young adults were serious about their ministries and appreciated the training. One woman in Cahul told mentioned that as a school teacher, she attends many trainings, but this was the best. Many traveled by public transportation for several hours to attend the training. And the team was thrilled that Transnistrians attended for the first time this year.

The team first traveled to a camp outside Chisinau, Moldova. Their second year of training in this location allowed them to meet more people that traveled from the surrounding locations. Having the training at a location that was not in a church allowed people to come from Transnistria, an unrecognized state that controls part of the area on the east side of Moldova and Ukraine. It is considered to be a part of Moldova, but strives to be separate. It was a wonderful blessing that these could attend the training and take it back to others in Transnistria.

Most of the participants commented that they had learned so much and were excited to put all of it into practice. One participant stated, “I will change everything in my teaching!” And another shared, “This training will help us to improve in our ministry to kids.” They also saw the importance of a network of teachers as one said, “I will involve more teachers, for team work.” These were people who work in children’s summer camps, kids Bible camps after school, and children’s ministries in church.

Interested in joining the next team to Moldova? Contact Director of International Ministries Becky McAllister to find the role best suited to your giftings and interests and the location that draws you.