Squirrels have been called "varmints" at our house for as long as I can remember - or at least they were until a few weeks ago. My perspective changed the day I opened a Christmas card and some unknown "varmint" became part of a "mercies new every morning" story.

Many, many years ago -  maybe as much as 50 years ago - some squirrels unexpectedly buried some walnuts out in a pasture in south central Kansas and, even more unexpectedly, forgot to go back later to retrieve them. So those unexpected walnuts took root and grew into solid, straight-grained, furniture-worthy trees.

One fine fall day, those trees unexpectedly caught the eye of a furniture manufacturer who was unexpectedly driving on the country road next to my friends' pasture. When the doorbell unexpectedly rang at their farmhouse, the last thing my friends expected was an offer to buy those trees which had been providing shade for their cattle.

But, selling the trees seemed like a wise - although unexpected -  business decision and they began to ask God what he would have them do with the unexpected money. (Their prayers are not unexpected. Prayer and generosity is a life-long habit for this couple.)

So they asked God for direction. After all, it was by God's direction that those squirrels unexpectedly planted the trees in the first place.

Their conversation with God about the unexpectedly walnut tree money resulted in a loving gift to KidZ at Heart. God provided unexpectedly and they passed that provision along. When I opened their Christmas card, the joy of that unexpected gift wrapped around me like a warm hug. And all because some forgetful squirrels unexpectedly buried some walnuts.

Actually, it's all because the God of Heaven directs the activities of every living creature on this planet. And he sets his provision in motion long before we have a need,  long before we wonder how a need will be met, long before we even think to ask.

And his care for us is not unexpected at all.

Here's an idea:

What if you ask God to send some unexpected funds this month so that you can pass them along? Wouldn't it be amazing to see what he would do? Wouldn't it be delightful to watch how he unfolds his plan? Wouldn't it be amazing to be part of his provision?

If God brings you some unexpected funds this month, will you ask him if he would have you share that gift to further the work to "help children fall deeply in love with Jesus?" If something unexpected happens, I'd love to hear the story. And, if God so directs, you can give to my ministry account HERE.


P.S. "Thank you, God, for squirrel varmints!"