Some people may be wondering what happens when a location finishes the 8 Modules of our Transforming KidZ Ministry Training…well I’d love to tell you!
These Modules are only the first phase of what KidZ at Heart does in each location we visit. It is part of our Launch Phase. We can spend 3-7 years finishing the 8 Modules depending on how often our team can return to each location and how much we can prepare the participants for the next phase.

In Ukraine, our team will return for the 4th year this March. We have a small group that will be finishing the 8th Module and will be ready for the next step. I am excited to have that conversation with them! Because, with that particular group, we will enter into the next phase of training.

This next phase is called Develop: Build. We will build a Local Training Network. How do we do this? First, we recognize one person who we feel God is leading towards being a National Coordinator. This person has embraced all that has been taught and has a passion to bring this training to his/her community. The National Coordinator will be the person that KidZ at Heart brings on staff.

Second, KidZ at Heart staff will return to bring a Great Trainer Summit. We will spend a few days with those that are interested in becoming the Local Training Network. As we prepare this group to become trainers, we also mobilize them to take the training across their region and partner with them as part of our Global KidZ at Heart community. They have the opportunity to train others in specific areas at a faster pace than our US teams are able to bring training to these locations.

Most importantly, we gain a community family from Ukraine that works with us to continue helping children fall deeply in love with Jesus!

This year is very important in our partnership with this group of friends. We really need your prayer for God’s discernment and direction!