It seems like God probably knew what He was doing when He created humans.  He created us in His image, which means that, at our core, we are relational beings, and that interacting with other people is vital to our very survival.  The further I go on this missions and support raising journey, the more evident this idea becomes.

I cannot possibly hope to accomplish anything in this ministry without a community of faithful supporters.  As I've gone through this process, I've come to enjoy the subsequent expansion of the circle of people around me, and I am continually blessed and floored by the outpouring of prayer and encouragement that people have sent my way in the past several months.

In His "high priestly prayer" in John chapter 17, Jesus prays for the unity of believers.  Paul also, throughout his epistles, urges the church to be of the same mind in Christ.  When we are each individually seeking to glorify God, we cannot help but exhibit this type of unity in our interactions with one another, because our goals cannot fail to overlap.

As I run across people who seek to glorify God with their finances and prayers, their goals overlap with mine as I seek to glorify God with my skill sets and time.  When we work in concert with one another, our joint glorification of God increases exponentially.

When we try to live out the Christian life on our own, our efforts are bound to be stunted and significantly less impactful than if we simply put aside our self-interest and worked together.  And when we do, we are given a beautiful preview of our eternal future together as one in Christ.