Whether you share our vision of reaching all 2.3 billion children in the world for Jesus or you are called to reach the 23 kids at your local church, you need the right tools. KidZ at Heart trainers are experts in children’s ministry both here and around the world. We customize training to meet the local needs of the local church and its community both here in North America and in other countries. Whether you want to become a better leader or teacher in your own church or you are ready to take the message to leaders in another culture, KidZ at Heart has training that will help you make a difference in the ministry to which you are called. With nationwide training options you can prepare yourself and your team with critical skills needed to move your ministry forward.

KidZ at Heart offers a variety of training options that will meet your needs and your team’s needs including regional workshops and training events at your local church. We believe in meeting the local needs of each ministry and that is true whether your local town or a village far-far away.

It starts with your home, then church, and then community. And who knows? Maybe you'll reach across town or maybe to the "outermost parts" of the world.

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KidZ at Heart Training

KidZ at Home is a resource to encourage and equip you to nurture spiritual formation in children. While our focus is in the home, these practices can happen anywhere!

Transforming KidZ Ministry Training brings a fresh approach in ministry to children! Explore new techniques and ideas that open the way for God to draw children more deeply into relationship with him. Interactive teaching lets you experience hands-on ideas that will help children fall deeply in love with Jesus.

Transformando el Corazón de Niño es un evento de capacitación de 8 módulos que equipa a los líderes y voluntarios del ministerio de niños en la comunidad hispana y se presenta en español. Únase a otros en su comunidad para nuevos métodos interactivos que formentan un profundo crecimiento espiritual en sus propias vidas, asi como las vidas de los niños en sus hogares y aulas.

Transformando el Corazón de Niño is an 8-module training event equipping children's ministry leaders and volunteers in the HIspanic community and presented in Spanish. Join with others in your community for interactive new methods that encourage deep spiritual growth in your own lives as well as the lives of the children in your homes and classrooms.

KidZ at Heart is honored to work with a number of inspiring and experienced organizations in children’s ministry and missions. View the upcoming schedule of nationally and internationally recognized keynote speakers and workshop leaders from KidZ at Heart.

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Contact Vice President of North American Ministries Maureen Berger at (877) 778-KidZ (5439), ext. 639.

"When a training event was scheduled in a neighboring town, I decided to attend. It was great to see the enthusiastic engagement of the participants! It became clear why this training is so successful…not only in the U.S., but also when it is conducted in culturally-appropriate ways overseas."