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Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter October 2017

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We have just returned from a very full and fruitful ten days in El Salvador. Although exhausted, our hearts are full. KidZ at Heart El Salvador is moving full-speed ahead! Over recent months, we have sensed God moving the work of KidZ at Heart further into regional centers of impact. El Salvador is certainly one of those centers.

Joining us on this trip were KidZ at Heart staff members Gean Stevens (Way was unable to join us) and Jim and Becky Dietz (Becky is a [...]

Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter September 2017

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A few years back, we had the opportunity to ask the pastor of one of the largest churches of Eastern Europe what his ministry’s biggest need was. His answer, “Children’s ministry training. We have no idea what to do!” But he didn’t stop there. He went on to beg of us, ”Please tell your friends in America not to send one more VBS team to us. We don’t need to know what you can do for one week. We need to know what we can [...]

Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter August 2017

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The news is disturbing…

“Children, as young as seven years old, are being turned into human bombs…” (60 Minutes, CBS News).

“Turkey wedding suicide bomber 'was child aged 12-14’” (BBC).

“The Iraqi security officers grip the boy tightly… This was the dramatic moment Iraqi police stopped Hussein, a 15-year-old suspected in a suicide bombing attempt for ISIS…” (CNN).

Why are terrorists now focusing on children?

George Barna, church researcher, tells us this: “If you want to shape a person’s life – whether you are most concerned about [...]

Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter July 2017

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Just about every church would agree that children should be taught about God.

But is that enough?

For many years, churches have been trying to improve the quality of Sunday school and other programs for children. In an effort to make Christian education more enjoyable and to keep kids coming back, talented people have continually created better curriculum and implemented more effective teaching methodologies.

And we commend these efforts! There is much that children need to know about God and about his Bible. And we want to use [...]

Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter June 2017

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Worldwide, 85% of those who receive Christ do so before the age of 15* and most life-long spiritual values and beliefs are set in place during these same years. No other age group is as open to the gospel. Never again will Christian discipleship make such an impact.

Meanwhile, George Barna, American author and researcher, has spent most of his adult life exploring the relationship between God’s church and his people. Well, his “big” people at least.


Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter May 2017

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KidZ at Heart is now halfway through our 15th year of ministry. Many times we have wondered if the ministry would last another day, let alone another decade! We have often clung to the wisdom (and reality) of Gamaliel, when he told the council: “If this program or this work is merely human, it will fall apart, but if it is of God, there is nothing you can do about it” (Acts 5:38-39). [...]

Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter April 2017

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The Vacation Bible School Director from our home church just stopped by the KidZ at Heart office to pick up her VBS starter kit. How that brought back fond memories from over three decades of VBS outreaches! Summer presents a terrific opportunity to cast vision for ministry to children, train new volunteers, and most importantly, reach kids from our neighborhoods for Christ! [...]

Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter March 2017

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We fondly remember our first KidZ at Heart trip almost 15 years ago. Like any good short-term trip, food experiences were a memorable highlight! We got to eat grasshoppers in Uganda and kudu and ostrich in South Africa – all on the same trip.

But far more memorable were the people. We noticed as we led the first training in Kampala, Uganda, that the young adults who attended were writing down every word we said! Talk about humbling. We felt a weight of responsibility to get [...]

Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter February 2017

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There is an old adage in ministry about “working yourself out of a job.” We heard it 35 years ago as we entered ministry, and we heard it this year as we continue to minister. And, while it sounds good, there will always be more people who need to know about Jesus! There doesn’t seem to be much about retirement in the Scriptures.

Instead, spiritual leadership is more about equipping believers to do the ministry, so that the work of the kingdom can expand. We are [...]

Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter January 2017

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This past year was full of challenges and blessings. Thank you for walking through both with us in prayer and friendship.

This newsletter serves as our 2016 Annual Report. The staff of KidZ at Heart share with you the many ways that God advanced the ministry this past year as we sought to equip people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture.

We get the privilege of sharing with you what’s coming next! [...]