“It was one of the easiest trips I’ve ever been on. KidZ took care of everything. Leading a training conference in Kenya was one of the most meaningful experiences of my Christian life. The Kenyans were so eager to learn that it made them a joy to teach.”
Elise Bell, Children’s Pastor and Team Leader, Maryland
"I used to avoid leading children to Christ because of a lack of knowledge, but now I can share the gospel with confidence!"
Pontsho Teme, Training Participant, South Africa
“My trip was a life-changing experience. To see God work in another country made me realize that we are not alone on earth. This was my first trip...I was apprehensive, but KidZ at Heart is so well run I was able to focus on the mission at hand.”
Matt McGonegle, Sunday School Teacher & Support Team Member, Arizona
"Thank you very much for your time and gifts that you shared with us...I have been teaching my fellow children's leaders about the different ways children learn best and guess what? It's working not only at church but also in schools."
Grace Nabuuma, Training Participant, Uganda
"It’s exciting to see the life-changing impact the trip has on the team members. Year after year, we are thanked by the training conference participants for coming such a long way. I always feel like we should be thanking them, since I go home so blessed!"
Helene DeJong, International Children's Ministry Trainer & Team Leader, Bahamas

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