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Equipping People. Reaching Kids.

My Journey to Ukraine

As I scrolled through Facebook late last year, I noticed that my friend Becky was going on another trip with KidZ at Heart and was seeking teammates. This sparked my interest for several reasons. But interest didn’t translate to doing anything—I liked posts on my news feed and then went on with my regular life. Read more.

KidZ at Heart is Celebrating!

Remember Lee in Cambodia who invited KidZ at Heart to train public school teachers? And Gregory in Turkey who is seeking training for 200 new Christians (former Muslims)? Many of you responded generously with your gifts and prayers. We’re thrilled to share how God provided. Read more.

Charting a Prayer Adventure

The World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk is an international observance of intercession. Pleading for other people’s needs is one of our roles when we pray. Prayer is many things. It is praise to God for who he is, thanksgiving for his blessings, requests for ourselves and listening to God in quietness. Read more.

An Incredible Opportunity

Think big with us, as we respond to the expressed desires of many leaders to bring KidZ at Heart training to new countries. Turkey is just one of the countries that your gift will help open for KidZ at Heart training. With your help, KidZ at Heart training will soon be in more than 40 countries! Give today!

KidZ at Heart at a Glance

The Heart of Our Founders

Gordon and Becki West KidZ at Heart Founders