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Hooked on Training

If you’re involved in teaching of any kind, you know well the delight of being part of an “AHA! moment,” when you see understanding light up the eyes of the learner who “gets it”! Being part of AHA! moments can be a little addictive—it may be the reason we teach year after year! Read more.

VBS Kits Matter

The Easter celebrations are over, but celebrating a big impact for the Kingdom isn’t. We’re talking about the amazing way YOU can have a worldwide impact—when you simply buy your VBS kit and components! The purchase of one VBS kit can impact an additional 600 CHILDREN around the world! Read more.

Kids DO Make a Difference

Because kids can make a difference in their world and in God’s Kingdom on earth, we put a lot of energy into equipping adults, locally and internationally, church and family, to further this – to reach and teach as many of the world’s 2.3 billion kids for Christ as possible. The journey is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Read more.

VBS Offering

Your kids can reach kids around the world! No matter what VBS curriculum you use, let your VBS offering build excitement and create impact for kids in other countries! KidZ at Heart provides country-specific activities for you to use that enhance kids’ interest in offering time at each day of VBS. Read more.

KidZ at Heart at a Glance

The Heart of Our Founders

Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter April 2016

By |April 7, 2016|

For the past four years, you have heard us talk about KAHLA, KidZ at Heart Leadership Advocates, a strategy to partner with local leaders in key regions of the world to train and certify children’s [...]

Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter March 2016

By |March 14, 2016|

You’ve heard of Mount Everest, but do you know where it is? Mount Everest is a 29,029 foot creation of God in the Great Himalayan Range that makes up the northern region of Nepal against [...]