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Why are You Saying No?

While he didn't understand why God wanted him on that short-term mission trip to El Salvador, Curt signed up and went anyway. Our experience on that first KidZ mission was amazing. We saw first hand how the KidZ conferences transformed teachers and the excitement it infused into their lessons. Read more.

Trained Becomes the Trainer

Betty was tired...Instead of going home excited and inspired by her work with children, she went home frustrated and confused...She then attended a training offered by a KidZ at Heart short-term team. What she learned transformed the way she reaches and teaches children. Read more of Betty's story.

A New Beginning

I did not feel equipped to manage Corazón de Niño. God responded, “Put this in my hands.” So I took a deep breath and released it. He took Corazón de Niño and did more than I could ever ask or imagine. As soon as I released it, God took hold and began to open doors that we are still processing. Read more.

One Gift. One Cause.

God is growing the ministry of KidZ at Heart in the cause of reaching the 2.3 billion children in the world. We invite you to consider KidZ at Heart for your year-end giving. Invest in children around the world with your year-end giving. Thank you for prayerfully considering giving one gift for one cause.

KidZ at Heart at a Glance

The Heart of Our Founders

Leadership. It’s not easy.

By |November 19, 2015|

Leadership. Some of us strive for it before we are ready to handle it. Some of us shirk from it when we are responsible for it. Some of us reluctantly embrace it. It’s not easy. Perhaps the older we get, the more experience we have in the trenches, the more we understand that truth. It’s not easy. [...]

Can Young Children Really Hear God’s Still Small Voice?

By |November 14, 2015|

Jesus said that his sheep “know his voice” (John 10:4). Elijah heard that voice as a “gentle whisper” (I Kings 19:12). But can young, busy children really hear from God? Yes. One of the workshops [...]