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Equipping People. Reaching Kids.

Sponsor a Teacher

Most of us won’t be able to hit the road and share the good news of Jesus with children in a far off land. But we all can pray, and many of us can support teachers like Alvaro so that they can do the hard, fun, and rewarding work of leading children into a growing and life-changing relationship with the Savior. Give today!

You Can Go

You can join a KidZ at Heart cross-cultural team and make an impact on young lives for Christ...no matter what your experience level may be! KidZ takes care of the details and guides your team through the steps required for success and safety. Choose from 30 countries for your 2018 short-term mission trip. Get started.

Unwrapping Parable Truth

PARABLE–a simple story told to illustrate a moral truth (Merriam-Webster). Jesus often used parables. Most were simple enough for his listeners to get the point easily. Some were more complex. For us to understand, we must find out what his listeners understood from the culture of their day. Read more.

Fall Campaign

In a world of 2.3 billion children, the vast majority of them are not within the reach of an effective and age-appropriate children’s ministry. On average, just $40 a month provides the training and support needed for a willing, local person to step up and reach kids for Christ on an ongoing basis. Give today!

KidZ at Heart at a Glance

The Heart of Our Founders

Gordon and Becki West KidZ at Heart Founders