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Equipping People. Reaching Kids.

Pastor Hugo

A recent training event at the Evangelical University in El Salvador, hosted by Pastor Hugo, amazed him! He was impressed by the turnout and caught the enthusiasm of the people attending. He was beaming the whole time! Nearly everyone asked him about the schedules for next trainings in order to attend. Read more.

Cross-Cultural Training

Whether you want to become a better teacher in your own church or whether you are ready to take the message to leaders in another culture, KidZ at Heart Cross Cultural training may be right for you! You will experience a 2-day event, filled with 10 workshops, hands-on experiential learning and relationship building. Read more.

Matters of the Heart

We convey a lot to our children by the content of the questions we ask. Are they primarily about practical matters like homework or chores? Or do we find opportunities to ask about the state of their hearts? By asking the right questions, we can build health into the core of our children’s beings - their hearts. Read more.

Give Generously

Whether to celebrate the coming spring or out of your tax return, consider giving generously to equip people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture. Will you join the cause to reach the 2.3 billion children in the world? Your help today translates into kids knowing Jesus tomorrow! Give today!

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The Heart of Our Founders

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