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Nepal 2017

Whether you love getting gifts or don’t care about gifts one way or the other, have you ever had the amazing experience of receiving “the perfect gift”? You wonder, How did the giver know the very thing I wanted? Sagar in Nepal had that kind of amazing experience—discover what he considered “the perfect gift”! Read more.

D6 Family Podcast

Check this out! Gordon and Becki West share their experience and best practices for family mission trips – allowing "children to see their parents living out what God wants them to do and allowing parents to walk the mission before their children." They are featured on Episode 53 of the D6 Podcast. Listen now.

Critical Conversations

You may find yourself having the same basic faith conversations with the children in your life … or not. I almost passed over the opportunity to catch the question my grandson asked. I could have dismissed it because we had already covered it in multiple ways previously. But this time I noticed his sincere desire. Read more.

An Incredible Opportunity

Think big with us, as we respond to the expressed desires of many leaders to bring KidZ at Heart training to new countries. Cambodia is just one of the countries that your gift will help open for KidZ at Heart training. With your help, KidZ at Heart training will soon be in more than 40 countries! Give today!

KidZ at Heart at a Glance

The Heart of Our Founders

Gordon and Becki West KidZ at Heart Founders