Equipping people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture
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Equipping People. Reaching Kids.

Traveling Through Ukraine

Irene, a teacher in Christian Education, in Ukraine was skeptical of the KidZ at Heart training. But she was pleasantly surprised at the spiritual focus and importance of the teacher’s relationship with Christ as he or she models this relationship to children. She loved the focus on nurturing the teacher's own soul. Irene specifically encouraged the team to keep sharing this training everywhere possible. Read more.

A Cure for Worry

When we liken modern family life to a very long road trip with everyone in the car together, there’s more to it than allegory. Children today do spend hours in family vehicles engaged in a variety of activities, like eating meals and watching TV, among other things. It’s a long way from rumble seats and Model T’s when kids grew up listening to The Lone Ranger and reading books in favorite hideaways. Read more.

Train the Trainers

"If I take more classes from you and pass a test, may I take this training to people I know who need it?" Gaby asked while attending training in Mexico. KidZ at Heart quickly answered, "Yes!" You see, those who attend KidZ at Heart training are the ones who best know the people, the area, and the needs. Attendees like Gaby advocate for people who live in more remote areas and don't have access to the annual KidZ at Heart training. KidZ is working on ways to equip in-country leaders like Gaby to share KidZ at Heart training throughout the year! Read more.

Give Today

Train the Trainers. "Entrust to reliable men and women who will also be qualified to teach others." (2 Tim. 2:2) Together we can continue to develop, launch, and release local leaders around the world in order to reach those in more remote areas. Give your best gift today.

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We Invite You to Dream

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We’ve been talking quite a bit about spiritual formation of children and even a new project that KidZ at Heart is starting with Grafted Life Ministries. We invite you to dream with us. Can you imagine... [...]

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