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Passion Ignited

At 17, Alvaro attended his first KidZ at Heart training and was hooked! Eight years later, he is still using what he learned to reach kids for Christ in El Salvador. His heart remains passionate about children. Read More >

My First Trip

"My trip was a life-changing experience. To see God work in another country made me realize that we are not alone on earth..." You can join a KidZ at Heart short-term missions team and make an impact on young lives for Christ no matter what your experience level may be. Pick your trip now! Learn More >

Hands-On Family Fun

Give your family a heart for the world! With KidZ KaN for Families, you can impact the world from your home, at your table, or in your car. For $23 a year travel each month to meet KidZ at Heart families in Uganda, India, Latvia, and many more places! For exciting FamMin experiences subscribe today! Learn more >

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KidZ at Heart International is dependent on generous partners like you to fund the ministry of equipping people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture. We appreciate your help reaching the 2.3 billion kids in our world who need to know, love, and follow Jesus. Your gift changes lives! Learn More >

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The Heart of Our Founders

Leading through Change

By |August 27, 2015|

We often hear leaders asking some variation of the question, "How do I lead through change?"

What this question reveals is an inadequate definition of leadership. If you are truly a leader, you are a change agent. Change goes with the territory. Leadership is all about change. If you don't like change, don't lead. If you are called a leader, but no change is taking place beneath you and around you, you might be doing a great job of managing, but not of leading.

A true leader, a spiritual leader, sees two visions. The first is a realistic and honest view of today's reality. The second is a challenging and hopeful vision of God's view of the desired future. What it takes to get a ministry or a family or a person or a program from today's reality to tomorrow's desired condition or place is...change! It's always change. [...]

Gordon & Becki – KidZ Newsletter August 2015

By |August 17, 2015|

One of our favorite events of the year is Vacation Bible School. Churches across the United States have attracted crowds of children to their VBS programs this summer.

So why is it that KidZ at Heart does not put on Vacation Bible Schools around the world?

When we began dreaming about an international ministry to reach children for Jesus, one of our earliest contacts was the pastor of Riga Matthew Church, Pēteris Sproģis, in the capital city of Latvia. The ministry of Matthew Church was well-known across Eastern Europe and the leaders of many churches were looking to Pastor Sproģis and his large, growing ministry for answers on how to be the church of Eastern Europe.

When asked, “What does your church need help with?” Pastor Sproģis response was immediate: “Children’s ministry. We have no idea what to do!”


Gordon and Becki West, co-founders of KidZ at Heart